With the deadline for our short film competition passed, we want to thank everyone who has submitted! We really appreciate each and every one. It is also our pleasure to say that the scope of the entries surpassed our expectations and makes for a truly international collection of works, meaning we’re honoured to have received and watched wonderful films from 15 different countries!

Now it’s off to a selection, which is going to be the hard part. Stay tuned!


For our second international festival, which includes a short film competition as well as three categories for current and historical works, we are now looking forward to your submissions. The extended deadline is February 20, 2023.

To submit your films, please visit:


This time we’re all about FANTASIES:

The human ability to create an inner world through dreams and imaginations is often hampered by strict social norms and internalized taboos. But one place where sexual fantasy can be freely unfolded is the sphere of pornography. The processes of producing and experiencing acts, sensations and emotions that can’t be expressed otherwise can be freeing and even lead to a strong sense of self-knowledge, empathy and empowerment. At the same time, pornography is a complex hub where dreams and realities converge in fascinating and often messy ways. It is both the representation of fantasies by a creative team as well as their openly shared realization by flesh-and-blood performers. On the level of fantasy, it also provides ideal images which can have visceral effects on viewers who might struggle with their own fantasy lives, ideals and self-perceptions. There’s an exciting but always risky element of chaos which is related to dreaming – the ‘primal mass’ of fantasy that cannot be controlled – whereas conscious fantasies can choose to be either obsessive or disciplined, real or unreal, joyous or frustrating, and everything in between. Whether you depict your own or external sexual fantasies, try out new methods of representation, use adventurous blends of fact and fiction – we’re open to anything which moves us and opens up new perspectives on personal and mutual fantasy worlds.

For further questions, you can contact us at any time:


We’re excited for your entries!